We often have time for others, but often forget to give time to ourselves. We neglect the problem that matters to us the most- the lack of self-care. To understand oneself, one must look deep inwards.

Focusing on the idea of individuality and detachment, Adrift aims to provide a tool to help deepen the understanding of the self and offer relaxation for individuals that may feel overwhelmed by the clutter and distractions surrounding one. The public often defines solidarity as a form of negativity, however, when looked through a different lens, there is plenty of merit in isolation that can be extrapolated and utilized.

Meditation is a practice that has been in use for thousands of years and it has proven its benefits to guiding one to a better lifestyle. With meditation as inspiration, this guide allows the user to go on walks and ponder questions that do not have definitive answers while learning more truth about oneself. Through personal experiences, Adrift targets the generation that needs a break more than ever and allow people to pause, reflect, and refocus.

Users of Adrift are prompt with two activities: Movement and Static. For movement, the user roams the “path” to their interpretation while observing how one feels. As for static, the user stays still to ponder on questions listed. Ultimately, self discovery is the best way to treating oneself.

Project by Kelt